Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pickled Eggs

Pickled Eggs
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Pickled eggs (in German: Soleier) is not only a good usage of hardboiled eggs but more little salty treats.The recipe is very easy and you can adjust it to your own ideas. Take the recipe as a kind of blue print for your own pickled eggs. The salty eggs go well together with a sweet and spicy chutney.

Pickled Eggs
(ingredients given for 1 litre)

40g salt
4 bay leaves
1 tablespoon black pepper corns
1 tablespoon mustard seeds
1 teaspoon juniper berries
1 teaspoon coriander seeds
6 cloves

You have to adjust ingredients and hardboiled eggs to your own needs. The amount of salt water depends on the size of your preserving jar.

The number of hardboiled eggs depends on the size of your preserving jar. Boil the eggs for 10 minutes. Let cool down and crack the shell (but do not remove the shells). This will give the salt water the chance to penetrate the eggs much better.

Prepare your preserving jar(s). Clean them and fill them with hot water. Remove water. Carefully put the hardboiled eggs into the preserving jar(s). Add the spices and the herbs.

Bring water with the salt to a boil so that the salt disolves completly. Add as much of the hot salt water to the eggs in the jar. The eggs should be covered completely with the salt water. Close the preserving jar. Let stand for 24 hours before you serve them. You can store the pickled eggs for a few day in the salt water.

Serve them with your favorite chutney, sauce or dip. You could also try tabasco sauce or just mustard.


Sari @ Cook Your Dream said...

I love hard boiled eggs but never heard of pickled eggs! I'm so curious about it that I will have to give it a try! ;)

Simones Kitchen said...

Hmmm, this sounds intriguing as I have never even heard of pickled eggs and to be honest; they look a bit but that would just be my imagination I guess...

Thorsten said...

Sari, they taste like salted eggs but the spices and herbs add a nice touch. Great treat to go along with a chutney.

Yes, Simone, they look a bit scary in the jar. And even more because the fluid is not cristal clear.

Rambler said...

I'm a great fan of eggs in any form. I thought I have heard of most ways to eat them. This one is new, though I had seen some references here and there, but had no clue about how it is made.Thank you for the recipe and the great photograph! I am just going to the kitchen to boil four eggs!

Thorsten said...

Thank you. This is a very basic recipe used in Germany.